Horbury took to the stage this weekend for the Pogson Bray contest in Elland. Unlike our previous contest outings, this was an entertainment contest, which meant we could pick our own programme.

We opened with a (very) fast American march 'The Thunderer'. This was followed up by a technically challenging solo version of the Mexican tune La Cucaracha, performed by Mark Bray on Euphonium. Next was the Celtic love song 'She Moved Through The Fair', followed by the dramatic theme tune from Whicker's World: 'Newsweek'. We closed our concert with 'An American Tale', a medley of classical American themes, which features a narrator and some rowdy 'Yee-hahs' from the band (Dave Lepley in particular!).

The set was well received, and we placed 3rd out of the 13 competing bands. Well done and thank you to all involved. Hopefully it should be good preparation for the all important Regional finals next March.